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Sponsor a Table or Chair

There’s always a need for tables and chairs.  We have not been all that pleased with the state of the tables and chairs we have rented for events over the past years. So our solution is to purchase our own. After researching many companies and have found what looks to be the best tables and chairs fitting the needs of durability, size, aesthetics, portability and storage.

The goal is to start with a purchase (200) chairs. We have already reached our goal of 25 tables.

When first asked if anyone would be interested in sponsoring the purchase of a table or chair, we received a great response to the idea.  So this campaign was created. Simply fill out the form to the right and sponsor as many chairs and/or tables as you like.  A small metal plaque will be put on the back of each chair or on the end of each table with your name, family or group name, even “In Memory of…” or “In Honor of…”.  (Example below.)  Space will be limited so only one or two names per plaque.

In return for your sponsorship, when you next need to rent tables and chairs for your event, we’ll give you double your sponsorship off your invoice. (Ex.: Sponsor a chair for $35 and get $70 off your next rental.)

Send funds via a personal check or PayPal.

Paying via check:

     Make out to:   White Line Enterprises

     Send to:  White Line Enterprises

                    221 S. Main St.

                    Harrodsburg, KY 40330

Paying via PayPal:

     Log in to PayPal and “send money to family or friend”

      To:  whiteline@rocketmail.com

Either way, state “Sponsor A Seat” in a memo line.


Be watching this site for the new Rentals page once the tables and chairs have arrived.

Sponsor a Seat

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click on the plaque to view the sponsor list and our goal progress.