BIOFEEDBACK What to do before your session…


All clients are required to read and sign a copy of this form before training can begin.  By downloading a copy of the PDF found on the right hand side and bringing it with you, we will be able to get started on the session much quicker.  If you still have any questions, don’t sign until we talk and you feel comfortable with biofeedback.

Informed Consent Form.pdf

2)  The Nitty-Gritty Personal Information

When going through these questions, you may wonder why and what does THAT have to do with anything.  The INDIGO biofeedback software is so precise in the energetic measurements it takes of your body that the smallest item can have great results.  It’s going to get personal, but rest assured that no information you provide will go no further than between us. So be totally honest and open with your answers and we will get the best results in your Relaxing, Retraining & Rejuvenating sessions.  If you have questions about any questions asked, do the best you can and we can make adjustments before your session begins.

Complete and Submit the following form by clicking on the SOC FORM button to the right.  If you have any problems in submitting this form, just arrive approx. 30 minutes early and fill out a hard copy.


3)  Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Yes, you’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again here.  You must hydrate.  It is very important that you are well hydrated before a biofeedback session as the INDIGO not only measures your level of hydration but also this is key to bout all your systems.  Now just because you are asked to drink water before a session that is not to say you down a couple bottles of water before you walk in.  That method does you NO good.  The best course of action is to sip the water slowly and over the course of your day. And that’s H2O (water) or 100% fruit juices…NOT colas or coffee and especially not spirited beverages as these de-hydrate you.  YOU CAN NOT FOOL THE INDIGO DEVISE.

If you take the Liquid BioCell juice, drink 2 oz. 30 minutes before your biofeedback session to greatly enhance your results.  If you are unfamiliar with Liquid BioCell, ask for a free sample at you next visit.

It’s best that you not eat a meal 90 minutes before a session.