Can the INDIGO heal my body

through its therapy?


The INDIGO does not heal the body!  The only thing that heals the body is the body!  This statement is true in all aspects of medicine, even Western Medicine.  Western Medicine is trauma medicine.  The doctors can save our lives and often help to suppress the symptoms, which are causing us discomfort.  However, when it comes to helping the body heal many of us have found medicine to be very limited.  To this task we look to Chinese medicine and other modalities of natural healing for the solution to our healing needs. The INDIGO applies both principals of eastern and western medicine through its therapy.  The INDIGO biofeedback system has over 90 different types of electrical/energetic therapies that can support the body in reducing stress.  Stress reduction can help the body to do what it is naturally designed to do, which is to heal itself!  When you cut yourself do you always need stitches to heal the wound?  Of course not!  The body can heal that on its own.  If you break a bone does the cast heal your body?  No, the cast just supports your bone to heal properly.