Have you ever heard about biofeedback?


We have all commonly used Biofeedback in many

facets of our lives.  For example, any time we have

stepped on a scale to measure our weight or anytime

we have used a thermometer to measure our

temperature we’ve used biofeedback.  Biofeedback

is used in many areas of medicine and has been for a

very long time.  In hospitals we use EEG, ECG, EKG,

Ultra Sound (which is both treatment and diagnostic)

as well as MRI’s and CT scans.  Biofeedback has been

used in our hospitals for over 80 years diagnostically

and therapeutically for pain management and stress

reduction.  So, what is biofeedback?  Simply put,

biofeedback is broken down to bio which means ‘life’

and feedback, therefore life-feedback.  Biofeedback

is a tool that can measure different parameters of

health, stress, and ultimately life.  The INDIGO is the

most advanced form of Biofeedback available.  Using

the INDIGO we can measure reactivity to over 11,000

different voltammetric signatures, which may

indicate specific stressors that can affect our health

and wellbeing.